We specialize in the rebuilding of modern pianos. We also have extensive experience in the full restoration of historical pianos, fortepianos, harpsichord, reed organs, and player pianos. Whatever the job, it will be handled by top technician with an all-encompassing knowledge of the instrument.

List of Services

  • Replacement of soundboard with matching ribs: top quality red spruce (from Ciresa – Italy), white spruce (from Bolduc), or Alaskan sitka spruce. Crowned ribs with proportional radius in pneumatic soundboard press. Soundboard located in climate controlled seasoning room before assembling (until 4% - 6% Moisture content).
  • Repairing soundboard (router system for more stability), ribs and bridges (new cap – seasoned hard-rock quarter saw maple).
  • Replacement of pin block: Dilignit or Canadian laminated maple. Duplication of in-rim pin blocks (vintage pianos).
  • Plate repairing (no welding) and rebronzing. Customized gold or silver.
  • Restringing with appropriate music wire: Roslau, Mapes Gold, Pure Sound.
  • Tuning pins remade for historical instruments.
  • Fine case refinishing (high gloss, semi gloss, satin, any mordant dye). Top quality materials. 9-coat lacquer, amazing transparency.
  • Satin luster with exceptionally even texture. Also regular satin, black or clear.
  • French polish: original process with shop-made shellac and alcohol 200 proof, (no “77” or other chemical lacquers). Traditional recipes. Unique.

Complete action work.

  • Complete key restoration, including ivory, bone, pvc, and ebony keytops; front and balance repair and rebushing; key leading; back checks.
  • Action part remade for historical instruments.
  • Replacement of hammers, shanks, flanges, and wippen with appropriate parts (Renner, Steinway, Abel, etc.).
  • Rebushing and repining of original parts.
  • Hammer refelting for historical instruments.
  • Back action replacement.
  • Damper felt replacement and regulation.
  • Regulation, tuning, and voicing
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